The short

A crazy story about a cute little relationship between a crow and a toddler! Interested yet? Well, to keep it short, the art of giving is ingrained in each one of us, and our mission is to make the ‘art of giving’ pleasurable for the giver and the receiver!

The long 

Here is a crazy little story. Being an energetic toddler, I was always being chased by my mother to eat. Well, unfortunately, or just fortunately enough, I was quite the spiller (I still am!), and I used to leave little pieces of food running outside the house. Strangely, after a couple of weeks, my mother noticed that the crows in my neighbourhood were leaving me little treats like shiny wrappers, pieces of shells, and even a miserable looking mangled earring. Surprise, Surprise! Indeed, this was not a bunch of crows on a collection spree to build a museum. The crows were expressing their gratitude to me (maybe!), or they were just waiting for more treats to be given to them. I will never know now, will I?

This experience has always made me question everything around me, why does the sun shine? Or why does it rain? Is it a result of complex chemical processes, or is it to give lives on this universe light, warmth, and water. 

Every culture, ethnicity, gender, and even nature has an ancient unwritten rule of giving and receiving. The ‘art of giving’ is something that is ingrained in us and in every living being around us. I have received several gifts in my life, some hilarious, some horrifying, and some that I hold close to my heart. These precious moments that influenced and inspired me have come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. 

For me, gifts are not given just on special marked occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. I gift to cheer myself and to put a soft smile on a loved one’s face (Or a beak, never forget the crow!). This has been my inspiration and here at Golden Wrappers, my wonderful sister and I want to make that art of giving easy, affordable and pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver! 


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